Food menu


Sashimi of fresh fish in stock today  ¥600〜
Three kinds of Sashimi ¥1200〜
Five kinds of Sashimi ¥1500〜
Awa Oniwatori leg salt-bashing ¥880

Cold meal

Potato salad Sai chef soul heart ¥580
Brittle old plum crystal  ¥580
White soup pickled cabbage ¥480
Plenty of salad ingredients tuna and pickled radish ¥880
The salad of grilled wagyu smoked ¥880
Japanese Banyakauda over (anchovy sauce) ¥880

Side dish

Edamame olive oil baked ¥480
Parent-child pickled salmon roe and salmon ¥680
Broiled squid maruboshi ¥580
Tai-shuto cream cheese ¥680
Dressed chicken meat plum soy sauce ¥580
Motu citron vinegar pepper ponzu sauce ¥580
Salted cod roe with red pepper seared Fukuoka specialty ¥680

Worm side dish

Fresh wind! Pollack cheese soup winding ¥700
Niigata specialty fried Tochio ¥780
Domestic use Wagyu meat and potatoes ¥680
Iron pan dumplings Kyushu pig organ meat into ¥680
Niigata local cuisine No~tsupe-jiru ¥480
Niigata Tochio Aya Original Pizza ¥780

Charcoal grilled

Three types Assorted (Thigh, breast, wings) ¥1200
Grilled ham flavor soy sauce ¥800
Wasabi soy sauce grilled white meat ¥680
Sai specialty! Soft grilled abalone (one) ¥500
Sai chef homemade roast pork sauce Grilled ¥780
Sai specialty! Domestic baked clams (four pieces) ¥960
Sai homemade! The meatball sauce baked into cartilage ¥680

Japanese stew "Nabe"

Shabu cooked chicken bone collagen soup (serving)  ¥880

Cabbage or Chinese cabbage ¥90
Shimeji or enoki ¥90
Green onion ¥90
Deep-fried tofu (one piece) ¥90
The meatball (one) ¥30
Chicken (five pieces) ¥120
Mizuna ¥90
Burdock ¥90
Porridge, noodles ¥280

Rice and Noodles

Our famous chicken noodle ¥880
Japanese sea urchin cream udon ¥880
Chicken collagen soup Aya rice with green tea ¥780
Cod roe fried rice ¥800

ONLY on the days including 1 and 9 of every month !

Exuberant salmon roe bowl ¥980

If you want to eat this, please visit here at OPEN ~ 18:00 or 23:00 ~ LAST.
Or, please reserve before you come.


The sweets inspiration of chef ¥480
Dessert of the season ¥480